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Southington CT Tires

Treat yourself to a new set of tires and or alignment. Worn tires are, most importantly, unsafe. Tire wear may seem insignificant at first, but when a blowout occurs, it is nearly impossible to control the vehicle. Having new tires installed will keep you and your family safe as well as save you money on costly emergency towing. New tires at Mad Hatter includes balancing using the latest in technology.

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SUV Tires

Sports Performance Tires

Snow Tires

Spare Tires

Alignment & Balancing

Tire Repair & Plugging

Nail Removal

Screw Removal

Stop the Search for Costly Specialty Auto Maintenance

Same-Day Service Provided in Most Cases

You deserve comprehensive repairs performed properly and professionally; receive cost-effective service from our ASE-certified technicians. We have years of experience in various auto maintenance work. Contact us today.

Oil and filter changes

Factory-scheduled maintenance


Differential service

Belts and hoses

CV joints and axles

Vehicle inspections

Clutch replacement

Automatic flywheel replacement

Manual flywheel resurfacing

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